Bank of America koopt 400+ domeinen anticiperend op Wikileaks onthullingen

t’s definitely a 21st Century tactic, and Bank of America is on the move:  news reports today are covering the financial institution’s proactive internet move as being novel – usually, an entity is trying to promote its brand, not buy up domain names that would serve only to disparage it.  What’s going on? CNBC estimates that over 300 derogatory web addresses have been registered by the bank; the Wall Street Journal gives the number at 439.

Bank of America has been buying control of domain names that might be used to criticize it. Names that include not only the corporate brand, but is directors and officers (Mr. Moynihan being its Chief Executive Officer) such as:

  • – owned by Bank of America
  • – owned by Bank of America

Why do this? Because of the continued rumors that early next year, Wikileaks will toss out to the masses tons of confidential Bank of America data.  Whether or not this has been confirmed by Julian Assuage is debatable; the reality that Bank of America is taking the possibility serious is not.

How successful this effort will be remains to be seen – perhaps this event will turn out to be another example of closing the barn door after the horse is gone.  After all, as the Wall Street Journal points out (and some might say, invites someone to use):


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